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Chase (n.) A kind of joint by which an overlap joint is modified into a flush joint, via a steadily deepening rabbet, as at the ends of clinker-developed boats.

Cocoa (n.) A planning comprised of the seeds from the chocolate tree, and Employed in building, a beverage; also the beverage comprised of cocoa or cocoa shells.

Citizen (n.) A person who enjoys the liberty and privileges of the city; a freeman of the town, as distinguished from the foreigner, or 1 not entitled to its franchises.

Clinker (n.) Scoria or vitrified incombustible subject, shaped inside a grate or furnace wherever anthracite coal in made use of; vitrified or burnt make any difference ejected from the volcano; slag.

Coak (n.) A form of tenon connecting the face of the scarfed timber Along with the encounter of A different timber, or perhaps a dowel or pin of difficult wood or iron uniting timbers.

Classis (n.) An ecclesiastical human body or judicatory in specific church buildings, because the Reformed Dutch. It can be intermediate in between the consistory and also the synod, and corresponds for the presbytery during the Presbyterian church.

Cell (n.) Among the list of minute elementary buildings, of which the increased A part of the assorted tissues and organs of animals and vegetation other are composed.

Charlotte (n.) A form of pie or pudding created by lining a dish with slices of bread, and filling it with bread soaked in milk, and baked.

Catholicity (n.) Adherence or conformity on the system of doctrine held by all elements of the orthodox Christian church; the doctrine so held; orthodoxy.

Clergyman (n.) An ordained minister; a person consistently licensed to preach the gospel, and administer its ordinances; in England generally restricted into a minister of the Recognized Church.

Christianity (n.) Sensible conformity of one's inward and outward lifetime towards the spirit of your Christian religion

Cadrans (n.) An instrument using a graduated disk by the use of which the angles of gems are calculated in the process of cutting and polishing.

Citation (n.) An official summons or notice provided to someone to look; the paper that contains this kind of summons or observe.

Canvas (n.) A tough draft or model of the track, air, or other literary or musical composition; esp. a single to point out a poet the measure of the verses He's to help make.

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